One Equals One Half of Zero

"One equals one half of zero."
An epic poem...

Sample Forward #1:

I would like to offer you two interpretations of the matheme 1=1/2(0).

The first is meant to show clearly how quickly an attempt at definition is made nonsensical by a reliance on binary reduction. In other words, the definition of what "one" is, is impossible if "one" is an inclusive concept of cooperative recognition rather than an exclusive concept of word meaning.

If ever what is "hidden" is the "real" then the reversal must be true as well.

The second interpretation of 1=1/2(0) is given as a representation of what "one" is, if one of the two of a couple has disappeared. As honest and direct as possible, the truth or the emotional content, of this piece, is a record of my personal journey, beginning with the traumatic premature death of my lover through denial and acceptance to the achievement of my ability to open up my heart to another.

A word to the reader:

The text is a spoken text. The voice is that of a calm, relaxed, late night radio announcer (male). The voice is a guide helping you search for repressed memories and emotions. This process takes time. The effect is not immediate. Because disinhibition releases dangerous feelings, I do not believe anyone, who is depressed, should read the text alone.

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